Construction Law Clinic

Construction administration involves territorial planning and decision-making activity with control activity of construction bodies. The goal of this course is to give the students prerequisites for orientation in this area of law and to teach them to apply the law in concrete cases. During the course, students get to know the sources of legal regulation, basic terms and institutes, organization of Public Administration in this branch, the issue of territorial planning and decision-making on territory. From the perspective of Public Administration, an area of state construction supervision is presented along with the issue of “authorizations” in constructions and legal regulation and position of concerned bodies of State Administration in defending public interests in respective territory. Civic association EPS (Environmental Law Service) actively participates in the teaching.

In the course of the semester, steps which investors have to take for successful realization of their plans are discussed. You also encounter a line of practical questions which are dealt with by participants to the administrative proceedings in real life. Respective topic is also analyzed from the perspective of owners of immovable property.

Discussed topics:

  • Introduction to construction law
  • Territorial planning and its instruments
  • Organization of Public Administration in territorial planning and in the matters of construction procedure
  • Decision-making on the territory and permitting constructions and their changes
  • Using constructions and their removal
  • Construction supervision and other administrative activities
  • Organization of construction administration

Guarantor: JUDr. Ing. Filip Dienstbier, Ph.D. (, tel. 585 637 618), Mgr. Markéta Cooiman

Application is possible: for 5th year of Master’s studies, 3rd year of Bachelor’s studies

Finalization: Colloquium

Number of credits: 4

Semester: winter

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