Consumer Law Legal Aid Office

Currently, the subject called Consumer Law Legal Aid Office is taught as an optional subject. This course is taught in summer semester in the form of lectures in the extent of 1 teaching hour per week (45 minutes). Within the framework of this course, it is necessary to introduce the students with practical problems and to outline solutions of possible legal situations connected with consumer protection under the Czech Law.

Practical part of the course consists of resolving specific problems occurring in practice in the form of simulated court dispute and work with clients of legal clinics at LF PU.

Students are chosen in a selection procedure in the beginning of a semester.

Selected discussed topics:

  • Civil law regulation of consumer protection – within the framework of the Civil Code
  • Consumer protection in the sale of goods in a shop and during conclusion of a contract for work, focus on so-called conformity with a purchase contract and liability for defects in the sales of goods in a shop; liability for defects within the framework of a contract for work
  • Producer’s liability for harm caused by defects of the product
  • Public law consumer protection
  • Consumer directives of the EU
  • Case-law of Czech courts and ECJ on consumer protection

Guarantor: JUDr. Blanka Vítová, LL.M. Ph.D. (, tel. 585 637 692)

Application is possible: for 3rd and 4th year of Master’s studies,

Finalization: Colloquium

Number of credits: 4

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