Patient’s Rights Clinic

Subject called Patient’s rights clinic will introduce the students with basic aspects of Health Law in the Czech Republic from the patient’s point of view. This course is taught in a practical form based on active approach of the students, resolving case studies, directed discussion and individual work of students in order for them to be ready for model situations which may occur in practice after they graduate. Course is divided into six intensive four – hour blocks.

Students are chosen in a selection procedure.

Further interesting information:

-         collaboration with experts from the Medical faculty of PU and NGO called Liga lidských práv (League of Human Rights)


-   basics of Health Law on domestic and international level

-   legal relations and responsibility in providing medical care

-   conduct lege artis, standards of providing medical care

-   informed consent, rejection of medical care, waiver

-   protection of personal data in the course of providing medical care, confidentiality

- rights of patients in model situations, recovering damages caused to patients, immaterial harm

Guarantor: JUDr. Maxim Tomoszek (, tel. 585 637 815)

Application is possible: for 3rd and 4th year of Master’s studies

Finalization: Colloquium

Number of credits: 4

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