Professional Ethics

Subject called Professional Ethics introduces students with basic principles of professional ethics and responsibility in the Czech Republic.  One of its main goals is fill a gap in legal education concerning values education. Practicing lawyers usually understand their job merely as a sort of business where the only measure of success is profit and they forget about the fact that they are also a part of enforcement of justice. General fall of non-legal normative systems undoubtedly has severe consequences on public perception of law, lawyers and justice as a whole because unethically or immorally acting lawyer is by definition a bad lawyer. Therefore this subject’s aim is to make the students not even consider violation of ethical principles.

This subject focuses on attorneys as well as other legal professions where professional ethics play a significant role because guilds and other organizations associating these professions have their own ethical codes whose observance they enforce. This course is taught in a practical form based on active approach of students, resolving case studies, directed discussion and individual work of students in order for them to be ready for model situations which may occur in practice after they graduate and it leads them to always bear ethical principles in mind.

Course is divided into six intensive four – hour blocks. Experts from all areas of practice will be participating in teaching and they will let the students know what their own experience and knowledge of ethical aspects of their work looks like.

Guarantor: JUDr. Maxim Tomoszek (, tel. 585 637 815)

Application is possible: for 3rd and 4th year of Master’s studies (through Portal PU)

Finalization: Colloquium

Number of credits: 4

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