Street Law I. and II.

Goals of the subject may be divided into knowledge goals and skills goals. The knowledge goal of the subject is repetition and application of knowledge already gained in various areas of law which allows the LF PU students to understand it in broader connections. Students reach this goal by preparation and realization of an education block under supervision of a LF PU teacher at basic and secondary schools chosen in advance.  Skills goal of the subject is to develop students’ presentation and communication skills. By teaching bases of law at basic and secondary schools, students also learn how to present incomprehensible legal text to a layman in a comprehensible way.

In this subject, students master skills of presentation and argumentation and communication foundations of how to effectively convey expert information. Social dimension fulfilled by the subject is an education of a group of basic and secondary school students in order for them to be able to resolve everyday legal problems by themselves.

Students may apply for this subject by submitting an application which is always before the start of a semester published in News of Center for clinical legal education. Teacher selects the students on the basis of a motivation letter and oral interview in the period published at the aforementioned website. Therefore, students do not apply for this subject through STAG!

In the winter semester of 2011, students will teach certain topics in the subject Education in citizenship at Basic School in Horka nad Moravou. Students teach in pairs, cca 8 hours in one class each. Teacher of BS Horka will supervise along with the teacher of street law. This semester, topics cover Constitutional Law and Human Rights.

Other interesting activities:

  • Testing and application of knowledge gained up to now
  • Obtaining presentation skills
  • presentation, discussion, argumentation, further transfer of knowledge – teaching,
  • conveying legally complicated issues in a comprehensible way even for laymen
  • use basics of legal research

Time schedule for winter semester 2011/2012 is to be found here: Time schedule for teaching in WS 2011.

Guarantor: JUDr. Lucia Madleňáková (, tel. 585 637 673)

Application is possible: from 2nd to 5th year of Master’s studies

Finalization: Colloquium

Number of credits: 4

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