Students Human Rights Laboratory

Optional subject Student Human Rights Laboratory follows compulsory subjects Fundamental Rights 1, Fundamental Rights 2, Public International Law and it allows the students to test and practice obtained knowledge and skills.

Work in the course consists of resolving actual international human rights cases, detailed monitoring of decision-making activity of international bodies of human rights protection (ECtHR, ACtHR, UNHCR, HR, DESCE, CERD). Another part of the subject consists of practical training of procedural rules and activities related to individual human rights issues appearing in the Czech area.

Partners of Center for clinical legal education participate on the teaching, as well as NGOs (e.g. League of Human Rights). Students are chosen in selection procedure.

Further interesting activities:

-         moot court

-         work with case-law on international protection of human rights

-         collaboration with NGOs

Guarantor: Mgr. Ondrej Hamuľák (, tel. 585 637 635)

Application is possible: for 3rd and 5th year of Master’s studies,

Finalization: Colloquium

Number of credits: 6

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