Partners of the project

Ekologický právní servis (Environmental Law Service)

  • web:
  • contact person: Mgr. Markéta Cooiman, e-mail:
  • Ekologický právní servis (Environmental Law Service) is the biggest organization of lawyers concerned with issue of law in relation to the environment in Europe. It has a years-long practice in enforcing effective protection of a right to a favorable environment, democratic and just decision-making of state bodies, increase of legal awareness of the public and involvement of lawyers and students into generally beneficial activities connected to improvement of environment and enhancing the quality of teaching law at universities.

Liga lidských práv (League of Human Rights)

  • web:
  • contact persons:  Mgr. David Záhumenský, e-mail:, Mgr. Kateřina Červená, e-mail:, Mgr. Michaela Kopalová, e-mail:
  • Liga lidských práv (League of Human Rights) has unique experience with human rights protection, especially with rights of patients, health law, legal protection from discrimination, children’s rights, rights of victims of crimes. Lawyers of League of Human Rights solve questions and complex cases from a whole range of problematic areas, they prepare monitoring reports for international bodies or they participate on comments to certain laws.

Pro Bono Alliance

  • web:
  • contact person: Mgr. Vítězslav Dohnal, e-mail:
  • On a long-term basis, Pro Bono Alliance (earlier PILA) collaborates with lawyers of all professions and it is concerned with the issue of legal education with an emphasis on ethics and values. It participates on a student workshop “School of Human Rights”, it attempts to increase the accessibility of legal aid and pushing through a pro bono advocacy.

ELSA Olomouc

  • web:
  • contact person: Jakub Mudra, e-mail:
  • Biggest association of students of law faculties in the world with a branch in Olomouc is an important partner and connection of a relationship between school and students. The goal of ELSA is to contribute to legal education, deepen social responsibility of law students and young lawyers and to participate on student life in the form of publishing magazines or participating in education events for students.
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